We all know barbell and dumbbell exercises are best for muscle building. But what if…

How would you structure a machine only workout?

A machine only routine would be much safer. You would not need a spotter for your bench or heavy preacher curls. Without needing a spotter you would feel safer and more willing to go to the gym knowing you aren’t risking your life from a barbell accident.

Training with barbells and dumbbells put a lot of strain on the nervous system. If you were to stick with machines you could blitz and blast your muscles to shreds because you are not using stabilizer muscles just to try to complete a bicep curl. You could add 10 sets to each exercise so you can ensure you won’t be able to move the next day; but your nervous system would be fine!

Using machines will help you isolate the muscles. If you suck at the compound movements such as a squat, you can replace the squat with a leg press. We all know how much more you can leg press compared to squatting, so it is a no-brainer; barely squeezing out a 135 pound half squat or 800 lbs on the leg press, it is obvious which should be chosen.

Isolating the muscles will allow you to overload the muscles. If you can only hammer curl 40s standing up, you can go to a hammer curl machine, sit down and focus all of your energy to the bicep so you can lift heavier get more blood pumping to those biceps.

Building a routine from machines is easy because most gyms have a great selection of machines so you can create a balanced physique. Planet Fitness is a great gym because it has cheap membership fees and all of the machines you could ever use.

Planet Fitness has protection such as lunk alarms and grunt alarms to protect you against people who would give you grief for not lifting with free weights so you will not have to worry about those meatheads.


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