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So if you’ve jumped through all of the legal hoops for signing up to my newsletter, you’ve landed here.

As a thank you, I want to give you my first e-book “27 Ways to Really Screw Up Your Weight Loss Plan” for free.

I wanted to let you know that I will never send out spam or sell out to anyone… and I mean it. I’m doing this to help anyone that is willing to learn, not simply to make money.

What will the newsletter contain?

I’m working with large supplement and apparel companies to give me exclusive deals to share with you guys.

I plan on giving you the best deals I can… all I ask for in return is you share my site and tell your friends to sign up for the newsletter.

I will give an overview of events and noteworthy achievements made that last month in lifting which will include any broken world records, any news-worthy events, or anything I think you will find interesting.

I may throw a couple of plugs in there for things I am selling but my e-mails won’t be one big marketing pitch.

How often will the newsletter be sent?

I plan on only sending out 1 email per month (Cutty Strength’s Month in Lifting), but if I have something extremely important I think you should hear about, I will send a maximum of 2 per month.