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Cutty Strength's Month in Lifting


If you are looking for exclusive deals only available to Cutty Strength readers, a non spammy way to get lifting news, and sometimes a non-pushy selfless plug of a product or book I just wrote, you have found the newsletter for you.

What is in the newsletter?

  • The newsletter will have any exclusive deals I can get from the big supplement and apparel companies to pass along to you.
  • I will do a small write-up with the past month’s worth of news in the lifting realm, include a couple of pictures or videos, and links to a couple of articles I think are worth the read
  • A couple of articles that I’ve written with links and a short teaser
  • Any plugs of products or books I may have

How often does the newsletter come out?

My goal is to send one newsletter a month at the beginning of the month.

If for some reason I have something extremely important to send like an exclusive deal that I’ve found that is about to expire or some paramount news, I will send another e-mail.

I will not send more than 2 e-mails per month and I don’t plan on sending more than one.

But I don’t want spam…

Neither do I and I promise to never sell the e-mail list or sell out and completely blast you with “buy my stuff” ads.

I’ll have an occasional book or product I would like to let you know about, but I’m not going to use shady tactics like misleading subjects just to get you to open my “buy my stuff” ad.

I’m here to help my readers and I’m not going to ruin the relationship of the most important people, you.


I would highly recommend signing up for the newsletter; you can easily unsubscribe if you find it’s just not your cup of tea.

I’m giving away my new e-book “27 Ways to Really Screw Up Your Weight Loss Plans” as a thank you for signing up.

Without further adieu:

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