The Chipotle diet is another fad diet that has been around for a while.

While I applaud the company for developing such a viral and seemingly truthful diet, shame on them for creating a shitty diet and passing it off as something that works.

I’d like to say that even though I rarely eat at Chipotle, I do like their foods.

How is this a fad diet?

Pretty much anything named ___ Diet and you’ve heard of through friends or publications are fad diets.

Eating a healthy diet includes eating a variety of fresh and healthy regular foods. There are no secret formulas, you just eat fresh healthy foods (most of the time).

This diet is a marketing ploy (a great one, actually) to get people to buy their food as a way to lose weight.

Just like the cabbage soup diet, this has some things that are just not right and I want to bring them out into the open.

How is this a marketing ploy?

If you Google “Chipotle diet” you will find many sites touting how they have lost an (un)usual amount of weight simply by eating their foods.

Weight loss stories vary from losing 35 pounds in 6 months (which could very well happen) to an astounding 120 pounds in 6 months with no exercise.

I’m not sure how you can lose that amount of weight that quickly regardless of what you eat unless you are completely wrecking your metabolism, losing all muscle mass, and forfeiting any type of healthy lifestyle.

Why doesn’t the Chipotle Diet work?

From a reddit post:

“There are 300 calories in a tortilla ALONE. That, plus all the calories in everything else, you could easily have a burrito with 1500 calories or more,” And there’s a ton of sodium in everything. Pretty much the only purely healthy thing there is the brown rice.”

Upon further research, the usual burrito is anywhere from 1200-1500 calories. If you add chips it’s something like another 500 calories on top of that.

So at the upper end of the scale, a regular burrito with chips will land you in the 2000 calorie area.

Burrito Breakdown

If you look at the header picture, you’ll see I posted a diagram I found of a regular chicken burrito with white rice and all of the goodies with it.

It is ~1200 calories which come from 117 grams of carbs, 53 grams of fat, and 62.5 grams of protein… oh lets not forget the 2.4 grams of sodium (2400mg).

I’m not against using salt or having sodium in dishes, but I think 2400mg is a bit overboard, especially if they expect you to eat this every day.

I’ll come back to the protein here in a second.

So can you lose weight on this diet?

So in order for someone to have a chance of losing weight on this diet, you are going to only be able to eat the burrito, or a more healthy option like a burrito bowl (which saves you 300 calories).

Since you are going to be eating all of your calories in one meal, (which is fine, I believe in intermittent fasting if it works for your schedule) this is a piss poor macro layout.

62.5 grams of protein isn’t enough protein for anyone to maintain muscle mass, let alone build muscle or perform in the gym.

You may be able to squeak in a small snack or two around the meal but you are going to go somewhat high with calories.

What do you suggest?

I am all about re-feeds and cheat days and I think they are good for your metabolism and your overall mental health.

Schedule one or two days out of the month to go eat at Chipotle; skip the rest of your meals and drink a couple of protein shakes.

Doing this will let you get in your favorite meal without wrecking your goals.


The Chipotle diet is stupid, regardless if you get the burrito, bowl, or a low-calorie salad.

You are giving up healthy nutrient dense foods for highly processed crap. (which tastes great)

How many people do you know that have tried this diet and it’s failed horribly for?

I’ve watched a friend “try” the Chipotle diet as well as eating out every other meal just to watch her gain a bunch of weight and then blame the weight gain on something else. (I don’t have to worry about them reading this since they have no care for anything fitness related except how to tell me I am wrong) 😉

It’s not rocket science guys, it takes some discipline, planning, and commitment to lose weight; these fad diets don’t do anything but make people money or ruin any progress you’ve had so far.


This is part rant, part educational, and 100% truth. If you have any questions, leave them below.

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