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Should You Use Pre-Workout Supplements?

Preworkout Supplements

At one time, a pre-workout supplement was something that only body-builders or pros would use. Now, it has become common for regular gym goers, with everyone claiming the need for an extra boost before starting their workout. There are those who swear by pre-workout supplements, saying it helps them improve

3 Day Powerbuilding Workout Routine

3 Day Powerbuilding Workout Routine

What is Powerbuilding? First off, powerbuilding programs are not new. The term powerbuilding is usually used to describe a certain workout program structure. These programs are tailored toward those who want strength and aesthetics. Really, these programs are best for a large majority of the average gym population. We all want to

6 Best Assistance Exercises To Build a Big Barbell Squat

6 Best Assistance Exercises To Build a Big Barbell Squat

This post is written by Luke Cafferty. Luke is a fitness junkie, personal trainer, and blogger. He's passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a strong and well-rounded physique. Check out more of his work at Strength Authority or follow him on Facebook and Twitter. There is a reason that

17 Secret Tips on How to Gain Strength

How to get Stronger

Okay so these tips aren't necessarily "secret" but I get asked questions on how to gain strength all of the time. There's a few simple principles that I will go over in this article as well as some more in-depth tips. Onto the secret tips on how to gain strength... Like I said,

Try This Bodybuilding Routine: 3 Day Split

Bodybuilding Routine: 3 Day Split

Bodybuilding routines are a fun way to challenge your willpower and your fortitude. This 3 day split will give you a run for the money and is great to run after you have run a long powerlifting workout. So lets sit back and take a look at this routine and get some