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Avoid Gaining Fat By Trying These 5 Tips

With 2017 right around the corner, I am going to work on providing more nutrition and fat loss articles as I go through the process myself. I will write about things I've learned personally, things I'm utilizing, and any other tips I think would help you, my readers. This article is going

Top 2016 Swolemate Gifts

Top 2016 Swolemate Gifts

As the shopping season has approached, I get a lot of emails throughout the year asking me what I would personally recommend buying. From shaker bottles to supplements, I will recommend all of the different must-haves that I've used over the years. Before I get into the article, the majority of

78 Years Young and Deadlifting 225lbs

Shirley Webb Deadlifting

So I was scouring the internet to see what's new and I ran across a story of a lovely lady named Shirley Webb that can deadlift 225 for reps and now even higher. When I first read this, 2 things came to mind: 1.) I hope I can just make it to

6 Best Assistance Exercises To Build a Big Barbell Squat

6 Best Assistance Exercises To Build a Big Barbell Squat

This post is written by Luke Cafferty. Luke is a fitness junkie, personal trainer, and blogger. He's passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a strong and well-rounded physique. Check out more of his work at Strength Authority or follow him on Facebook and Twitter. There is a reason that

17 Secret Tips on How to Gain Strength

How to get Stronger

Okay so these tips aren't necessarily "secret" but I get asked questions on how to gain strength all of the time. There's a few simple principles that I will go over in this article as well as some more in-depth tips. Onto the secret tips on how to gain strength... Like I said,