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5 of the Best Exercises for Chest

5 Best Exercises for Chest

This is a guest post written by Michele Smarty. Michele is a short story author, novelist, and award-winning blogger. She is a contributor on many popular websites including Words I Seek, Tuts I Seek and many more. Follow her on Twitter or check out her LinkedIN.

5 Best Exercises for Chest

To build a perfect chest, you just have to concentrate on a few easy exercises.

Nowadays, every man wants to build an ideal chest. To achieve this, youngsters are working very hard as they go to the gym on a regular basis and perform various tough exercises that are not easy to handle.

In this article, I am going to describe 5 of the easiest and most effective exercises that can help you to build an ideal chest.

5.) Barbell Bench Press

The barbell bench press is one of the most fantastic exercises to build your arms and chest up.

The barbell bench press is a perfect source of chest building which can be done by grasping a bar with a wide grip.

Initially, it is recommended to put lighter weights on the bar and gradually increase weight when moving towards your final set.

Repeat this exercise in three sets with 10, 20, or 30 reps depending on the individual’s performance capacity.

4.) Incline Dumbbell Press

This exercise can help you to build your upper chest that results in a carved out rounded look.

In this exercise, you need to use heavy weights. For the second set, increase the weight until failure; keep trying to progress in weight or reps to achieve your desired look.

Tip: Always align the movement that would not drop past the shoulders in each rep and squeeze the pec.

This exercise is challenging but is also result–oriented. You don’t need to go for any inversion table therapy for bodybuilding.

3.) Flat Dumbbell Fly

This exercise produces fibers around the chest – it connects the mind with muscles.

This exercise not only works on upper body frame but also builds the capacity and absorption threshold for other tougher workouts as well.

To reap the maximum benefits, this exercise should be performed in at least two sets, the first cycle may range from 10-12 reps but the second should go until failure.

2.) Bar Dip

This exercise is as old as ancient times and focuses on building the lower portion of the chest. Initially, your grip would be wide as possible slowly bring it in.

Be sure to lower your body controlled and keep balance by pulling your legs back behind you. For best results, train each set to near failure.

1.) Push Ups

One of the best and most known exercises so far, push ups are actually quite difficult.

Push ups are a great body weight exercise and will take some time to build up any substantial muscle or strength.

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